NKR® fibers enable…

  • Improved creep resistance in composite materials, both MMC's and CMC's.
  • Reduced weight of structural components.
  • Increased chemical resistance of composite materials: mainly in harsh environments (acids or bases), or combustion environments (motors, turbines...).
  • Improved impact resistance (projectiles, fragments, etc.) or reduced thickness of protections.
  • Increased hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Improved fire resistance and degradation temperature of polymers.
  • They are an unalterable reinforcement at temperatures even above 1000%

In data... *:

  • 4% of NKR® fibers is sufficient to improve the creep behavior in CMC's, even at temperatures above 1500°C, compared to the best market reinforcements.
  • 10% by volume of NKR® fibers improves the strength of aluminum, increasing by more than 100°C maximum temperature of use.
  • NKR® fibers double flexural strength properties of CMC's with only 2% reinforcement.
  • NKR® fibers improve the thermal resistance and resistance to deformation in CMC's, reducing the high temperature deformation of the components and increasing their lifetimes.
  • Etc.

*Results obtained in preliminary tests and laboratory.

R + D + I

Because of its high performance, the NKR® single crystal alumina fibers are indicated as a reinforcement material for advanced composites and other materials with high added value:

  • Metal Matrix Composites (MMC’s).
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC’s).
  • Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC´s).
  • Insulating materials developed for very high temperatures.
  • Special filters for harsh environments.
  • Mats, nonwoven, etc.
  • Etc.

R+D+I Strategy

As a R&D leading company, Neoker carry out many projects with the aim of developing and improving advanced materials, the vast majority in cooperation with international strategic partners. In this way the use of our products in markets with high added value is potentiated.


Neoker offers its Research and Development services for implementation of the NKR® fibers in different industries. In this sense, the company is developing several projects aimed at implementing its NKR® fibers in the following industries:

  • Defense: Reducing the weight and thickness of materials for ballistic protection.
  • Aviation: MMC’s to improve the thermal resistance of engine parts and the manufacturing of anti-impact materials.
  • Aerospace: Improved mechanical, thermal and optical properties of coatings and structural components. Development of anti-impact materials.
  • Automotive: Reinforced MMC’s for increased life and improved heat resistance of engine parts (brakes, pistons, cylinders …).
  • Naval: Reinforcement of superalloys for the construction of superstructures.
  • Nuclear: Production of new ultra-resistant refractory materials.
  • Equipment: Cutting Tools Reinforcement.

Products list with NKR fibers

Armor ceramics
Armor ceramicsArmor ceramics
Ceramic materials for ballistic protection for civil and military, personal, vehicle and aviation use. Improves resistance to fragmentation.
Refractory materials

Refractory materials with better thermal shock resistance, better chemical resistance and more efficient.
Preforms of NKR alumina fibers

Gas filters

Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) Materials

Aluminium and its alloys reinforced with NKR fibers for aeronautical use: lower weight, increase hardness…
Anti knife protection vests
Anti knife protection vests
Aramide fibres with NKR fibers. Textile with comparable ballistic results with the best textiles in the market, including at the same time maximum anti knife protection without increasing weight.
High performance thread and textil
High performance thread and textilHigh performance thread and textil
Textiles form (polypropylene) PP reinforced with NKR fibers.