NKR® fibers

Neoker manufactures the NKR® single crystal alumina fibers for reinforcement of high performance composites.

“Less of NKR® fibers are needed to produce higher improvements, compared to other alternatives”,

Director of R&D in Chemical company (Fortune 500)

How are the NKR® fibers?

  • Single Crystal Fibers
  • Pure
  • Grown in the c-axis direction
  • Of alpha-alumina (corundum)
  • With a very high aspect ratio

“Adding a 2.5% of NKR® fibers to our refractories, we got a 100% increase in mechanical performance…”,

Technical Dept. of Technical Ceramics Company

“I have a good feeling about the NKR® fibers as our first experiences showed very interesting performance. We have decided to undertake a second level evaluation (bench and field tests)…”,

Technical Dept. of R&D Center associated with the U.S. Navy

Uses of NKR® fibers

NKR® fibers are indicated for:

  • Aggressive environments (acids or bases).
  • Combustion environments (engines, turbines ...).
  • A wide range of working temperatures (low and high temperatures).
  • Improved creep resistance in MMC's and CMC's.
  • Increased hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Improved impact resistance.